Martins Beach has been closed before // Half Moon Bay Review: Letters to the Editor

Date 03.01.12

Originally Posted by The Half Moon Bay Review in Letters to the Editor

Author: Adeline Jessup

This is not the first time Martin’s Beach has been closed.

Years ago, in the 1920s, my aunt and her friends would drive from San Mateo with a picnic lunch and spend the day enjoying the sun and wading in the ocean along the sandy beach.

Occasionally, they would arrive only to find the road closed for that day. This was the era of Prohibition. They learned later that the “rum runners” had off-loaded their cargo, and the barrels of whiskey were being brought to shore and loaded into the waiting vehicles. Where those barrels went from there is anyone’s guess. Did they perhaps go to the speak-easies in South San Francisco?

Adaline Jessup, Portola Valley